Drag'n'drop Sample To Renoise

As i understand - currently impossible drag and drop audio files directly on the sample slots in Renoise.
Frequently i searching for samples with Total Commander or windows explorer, prehearing and selecting.
After i found needed sample i have find it’s location from Renoise’s file manager, and if sample location somewhere deep in subdirs structure, it turns to nightmare.

Why not just to drop sample stright into Renoise ? Probably limited with GUI depending issues ?

I would personally love this. The Renoise DiskOp is no fun at all. How about command line options which work on the existing instance of Renoise? This may solve the DX drag’n’drop issues.

So for example,
“renoise.exe -sample c:\samples\perc\tom\boomph.wav”

… will load that sample into the next available sample slot. This would mean that I could configure the Windows shell to integrate with Renoise.

DirectX is not the problem. This just has to be done…

Drag & drop would be a nice addition, though I’d rather see a dedicated diskop page (the size of the instrument or sample editor) with all the options you’d expect to handle all file managing. THe lill box we have now doesn’t cut it imo.

+1!! (current disk op is horrible for really long filenames)

that and an option to expand the instrument list all the way to the bottom and allowing horizontal resizing of it…

also missing it. dragging in songs would be nice as well then.
wouldn’t miss an overhauled diskop page if this gets implemented.


hm, I really do not understand why someone would need to drag and drop the audio ?

It used to be cool to be able to do that in cubase, (Also works in halion etc) but i never saw any benefits for this… Played with it for few months but there was no point…

edit: I understand that scrolling through loads of audiofiles that are messed all around the hard-disk can be a pain… but I don’t understand how that should relate to renoise… Why not just organize the samples so that they can be easily found.

the disk op is tiny even when you’re well organized

I would love this feature as well. If it can be implemented fairly easily, I voice my support for it!

+1 for the 'n’th time…

EDIT: I was also one of the many who begged for this feature ago in this thread.

In that thread vV mentioned that this feature cannot be implemented because:

Here taktik has mentioned:

I’m kinda confused.

drag n drop in renoise would be a really nice feature +1 from me

gotta +1, this would be a huge workflow improvement. also, everything that runs on Mac and uses files should have a “Show in Finder”

edit: nevermind

so does that mean that we will see that in on of the coming release,please please :dribble: