Dsp Snapshot Change From Pattern Editor?

Hi there,

Is it possible to recall a DSP snapshot (preset) from within the pattern editor?


still don’t use this tool enough, but maybe through the mixer snapshots?

err, you meant through pattern commands? I’m not sure, I can vaguely remember changing vsti programs, but maybe my memory is corrupted?

I know how to change VST programs/snapshots.

What I’d like to do is change DSP snapshots. Seems like a bad idea to have to create new tracks every time I want to change effect snapshots/presets.

No you can not automate presets for a variety of reasons.

You can have the same DSP open twice and use Pattern Commands to turn instances On and Off.

Thanks for the work-around idea, kazakore.

Out of curiosity, what are some of the reasons why you can’t automate presets?

maybe another option is to initialize all the parameters of a vst in the automation editor? If there isn’t a script that already does this, is should be made now! :drummer:

Then for every preset you apply the tool and all the envelopes would get drawn in.

(you could even think of initializing different presets on different patterns and have a tool interpolate between them, something like morphing between presets oohhh yeahhh, sorry for hi-jack B) )

Shame you can’t automate all parameters of all DSPs then isn’t it Jonas! :P

wat? You’re making fun of my request-megalomania? :unsure: :huh: <_< :angry:


Jonas - I’m talking about the “built-in” DSP stuff in Renoise, not VST’s.

ahh, I see :slight_smile:

but, those parameters can be initialized in the automation editor as well, no? Or does it have to be doable from the pattern editor?

I’ll check it out in the automation editor and see if that helps. Thanks :)

If you don’t know yet, you must double click each parameter to get the envelopes inside the automation editor.