E9 And The X That Wont Happen!

Hey guys,
I’m brand new to this.
Today I tried to work with effects commands.
I started with E9X cause it looked fun.
While typing in E and 9 things went well…
then I tried to put the x in and it…
It was as if my X key was not working but it is …(XXXXX)…see.
I’m frustrated that I can’t just type in these effect commands and have them
work! The X refuses to appear in the collum when I press it.
I’m also wondering why I cant simply delete the E and the 9 that
I entered in the effect collum by hitting delete on my keyboard.
I’m using a mac. Please help 'cause I’m feeling retarded and may very
well loose sleep.

x is a variable representing a number.

3 + x = 5, thus x = 2

Don’t type X, type a number between 00 to FF.

The delete key works. If you are on a laptop, you might have to press the FN key.


There is also a great deal of Mac keyboards that do not have a ?backspace? key and then there is the issue with the ?insert? key that is missing on a lot of traditional Macintosh keyboards.
To answer the question many Mac users will walk up against to ?Where is the insert key??
Use the Help key in combination with the modifyer key (command) for use in Renoise on the Mac in those occasions, the default Apple interception will be circumvented this way.
Any ?insert? only situation you will have to reassign personally.
?I don?t have a delete key on my macbook?
Fn+Backspace does a delete on the MacBook.


Maybe it would be wise to revise the tutorials and change the variables to italic or bold (e.g. 0EXY or 0EXY) so that newbies won’t misunderstand them for values.

Thanks for the help!
This makes much more sense.
I was able to get good results with the effect commands.

I still suck at deleting data from collums.
The delete key only deletes notes, but
nothing from the effect or pan/volume collums.
The fn does nothing either. (pressing it hard
also does nothing)

Anybody know the workaround keystrokes
for Mac users?


definitely… I was looking for a way of having my old and nice Qxy effect from Impulse Tracker and tried the E9xy which the docs mention, with no luck. I’m glad a did a search before posting a question :)

On top of the pattern effect commands page, it reads:

Is that part of the paragraph incorrectly interpretable or did you missed that?
Maybe i should rephrase it.

I personally don’t find that very easy to understand - I think I had just inadvertently ignored the paragraph until you brought it to my attention.

xx and xy can be understood, but the meaning of zz it’s somehow obscure. Have read it several times but I still can’t find out what does it really mean just by reading at it :unsure:

Although is way easier to get the meaning by looking at the commands and the examples.

Zz is understandable that this ain’t quickly caught because it is only used in one type of command which is DSP parameter control:
XYzz - Send zz (00 - ff) value to parameter Y (0 - e) of vst/dsp effect number X (0 - e) in the effect rack of the Track Dsp’s.
If X is >= 1 then Y will always be the reference to the parameter of the DSP that is currently referenced to by X.
So you can control the first 15 DSP effects (1 - F) and their first 16 parameters (0-F) sending a rough value from 0 to 255 (00 - FF) the last two digits are translated to zz because X and Y are being used in the same example.