Idea: Non-Destructive Slice Decay'S

Playing around with the new sample slicer and have come to a point where I am destroying every sample because i have to fadeout before each transient. I had an idea much like most popular video editing programs, multi-sampling programs. My idea could either be implemented on a per slice, or a overall basis, see below for the overview of the idea.

Simple concept, set end-decay(fade-out) by interval or set time period (s/ms).

Use note off!

Not what you want, but you can get similar effect through using a couple of scripts.

First slice your loop in the sample editor and make sure you have the original sound beat synced to the correct value,

…than use Dblue’s slice to pattern script to get the slices translated to events in the pattern editor:

Next move: go to the automation editor and run another script of his to get automation from notes:

You can link the note lengths to whatever parameter, not only a gainer.

If there is not enough resolution between notes you could expand the pattern first, for example using this script:

Basically, I usually go through, set up the slice points a little finer, use slices to pattern, then tweak it up so its quantized, then go through the pattern and add note offs, or - edit the sample so I don’t have to carry the note offs to every individual different variation… The slicer also grabs some breaks a little late (without tweaking) so theres a slight click… I believe it would speed up the process on manipulating drum samples (even breaking open very distorted samples), as well as clean up some artifacts that can happen if your not absolute…

I’ve always found when playing chopped loops (rex/ableton/fl/etc). If u dial it in right, and set (In Renoise - NNA) - To “continue”, its a much bigger, more realistic sound. It could be kept in the same track, no multiple channels.

If it was per slice, it would easily be used as a dynamic gating on the slices (could set curve type etc. making this user controlled per slice, as opposed to following the velocity).

Unfortunately programming wise Ive turned towards web based languages or I would try to hack it up myself lol. For me, it would be priceless… and possibly open the doors to many other features (per slice automations?)…

That new autofade button does this. It’s non destructive but would need more control for the start and end fade time.

Well, as I understand Taktik, we will soon get the indvidual envelopes per slices, but for now I think note off and nna options is good work around. And I’m sure will get some nice scripts really soon )

Just thought about this, confirugable autofade! Yeah +1 :)

+1 for configurable autofade too (maybe this is exactly where im aiming at)… and configurable per slice… +2…

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