New Tool (2.7): Automation From Notes

Automation From Notes v1.03:
1806 org.illformed.AutomationFromNotes.xrnx

See this thread for more information on the origins of this tool.

Cool ! An offline key-tracking device ?

Thanks for the great tool.

Nifty little helper, will find a few uses for it. Thanks.

Dblue, when are your tools available on

When I actually get around to cleaning them up a bit and publishing them :)

I know, I know, it’s taking me forever, but life has simply been insanely hectic lately.

I’ve got a few suggestions for that one:

Attack resolution (1-256 points per line) for creating very short attacks
Decay resolution for creating smooth decay within 1-2 lines
Pitch as level
Velocity as curve


Ey, was playing around with this magic tool today and thought to myself how cool it would be, if you could auto update the generate button?

Similar to the custom wave generator tool, so…while you adjust a slider, the points are automatically attenuated!

How weird… I was literally just reading this thread a moment ago… are you spying on me, Jonas? :)

Nifty idea. Shouldn’t be too insanely CPU intensive I guess. I’ll have to give it a try.

Anyway… I really hope I manage to find some inspiration/focus to work on some of my tools soon. There have been a few feature requests piling up - mainly from you - haha. :P

'How does this currently respond to note offs?

heh not at all! Purely coincidental, or… meant to be :ph34r:

Cool! :drummer:

lol, yeah…I guess that’s my creativity at work, always seeing options. Anyways, don’t put to much pressure on it incorporating high standards, that’s detrimental to any fun. Something, I’ve learned from writers-block a few years ago :) , i.o.w put the emphasis on play and inspiration will come, believe me!

tbh, took quite some time before i understood what this tool does. will try it now that i do though (=

Thanks so much for this!

I just spent the last hour or so trying to figure out how to do exactly this for myself… The closest I got was using a hi hat in a separate track to trigger automation with the signal follower where the right hits were - then re-sampling without the hat line…

I could have saved a whole lotta time if I’d just googled it sooner :) Definitely something I’ll use a LOT… much appreciated!

So, have you tried it out? Is it too cpu intensive?

had a bug:

‘C:\Users\plugexpert\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.7.2\Scripts\Tools\org.illformed.AutomationFromNotes.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

Please contact the author (Kieran Foster) for assistance…

main.lua:93: attempt to index local ‘this_note’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
main.lua:93: in function ‘automation_from_notes’
main.lua:232: in function main.lua:231


happened when having found the to be automated parameter through the search field in the automation editor. In this case the ‘trim’ parameter in Ohmicide, than I tried to apply your tool and got this message.

I also have noticed, double clicking a parameter which is found in the little search box doesn’t initialize an envelope in the automation editor, like double clicking a parameter does normally. Is this a bug or wanted behavior?

Eyyo Dblue,

any possibility you can update this tool so it optionally applies to selection in the automation editor? So for example, you could have yer manually drawn envelopes for the first half of the window and the automation from notes envelopes in the second half!

Had a bug running the script while having the name of a track dsp device (native ringmod) selected:

Kieran, this is dope!

What I would really love to have for this tool, or the automation editor in general, mentioned it before in this thread already, but doesn’t hurt to repeat again :wink: ; is the optional ability to only adjust the curve rate, amount of decay, for uneven ‘dots’ of automation.

This so you can quickly make comb like modulations between automation points and have control of the slope rate, imo very handy stuff. Doing this shit by hand is getting tiring! :drummer:

This tool is properly awesome!

FR, use selection in track, that way you could use the notes from a different track to create curves on the current.