Macro presets

Macro presets are something that I would love to see make it into the R3 instrument. For example, the drawbar organ mentioned on the Renoise blog is a perfect candidate for such a system - you can dial in the exact sound you want, but having quick access to a number of presets would be better still.

Implementation-wise, we would need the ability to save presets in the Macro DSP device - or elsewhere? - presets which are then added to the instrument.I could imagine a further extension of the macro device too, with which you would be able to morph between these presets using a special xy-pad alike control. Powerful stuff, considering that each macro might control several parameters in itself!

Questions is where to edit/load/save those presets?
The macro section within the instrument editor could be expanded a little, contain this menu.
The same could be true for the Macro device (in fact, this device already has a preset system - but this is currently defunct not tied into the instrument, but rather the macro device itself. I suggest a Doofer-alike approach where saved presets are made available elsewhere too.

What are your thoughts on this one?

Copy paste and also move the macro buttons left or right (Alt+Arrow or something)

i would like to have everything handled in the browser…presets for everything with custom folders (like its already done for songs, instruments etc.). dragging the presets to the devices would be nice then (or direct open on device). this also includes macro presets (personally i dont need macros)



Maybe i missed something but i’ve started to upgrade my old sample instruments to version 3 and i thought it’s really boring to have to define the macros at each new instruments.
I can save the defaut ADSR i want on them but when it comes to macros, i need to redefine them everytime…

For the moment, i think it would be logical if when we save a modulation set with macros assigned in this set, these macros are saved too or it’s a nonsense ?
Same with Instrument FX Chain of course…

So the problem would be that if i load a first preset with macros 1, 2 and 3, what’s the deal if i load a second presets with same macros…

Edit : yeah something like doofer could be great

Would also need saving the modulation/fx chains along with them, perhaps even the sample references.
In that regard, the best thing would simply save the complete xrni in the preferences folder as a preset ;)


the ability to change preset through MIDI program change messages would also be great.

The problem with what you suggest here is that any macro might represent a combination of modulation and effect parameters. So you can’t save the modulation chain alone and expect the macro to magically recreate the same effect. I definitely see what you are aiming at, but it might be better approach then to create an “instrument template” (a bit like what vV is talking about), and then swap the samples as needed - perhaps easily swapping samples would then become the new suggestion… :lol:

However, this has actually nothing to do with what I suggested in this topic. “Macro presets” deal strictly with an existing, defined set of macros and how they could be stored/accessed/manipulated.

And to make things even more complicated you can also macro the AHDSR. :P
…I’m seriously running out of macros. :D

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Sorry to pollute this with more slightly off-topic questions, but since it’s already discussed here:

As per now, there is no way to copy/paste/store macros/re-apply same macros on different instruments, am I right?

I understand the logic, but I’d really like some way of saving Macros AND Modulation Sets together, like in a bundle-set or whatever.
I have a standard setup of macros & mods I’d like to apply for hundreds of my instruments, and since many of these instruments are multisampled in different ways it would be complete hell both to remake them or to go through and assign 8x macros for each of them.

With some extra work this could be integrated into my XRNI-Merger tool.

Basically, you would select a source instrument, one or more macros, and hit copy.
It would then recreate the “network” of devices in the target, just like it currently does with modulation/effect chains.

It doesn’t come with an option for batch processing hundreds of files, but it would be a start.

Maybe an instrument preset you can apply to any instrument could be a solution. The preset part is easy, but applying it to an existing xrni isn’t possible i think?
But maybe you could write a script, take whatever that you want to apply from your preset xrni, then make the script add this to your instruments? I’m on thin ice here, i don’t know my scripting, but i believe we have some smart people here on the board.

Sweet, didn’t know you were working on this tool. Looks very promising. Well, if you could include the macros feature you describe here, it would be perfectly sufficient for my needs. You have my full support :yeah:

First of all, apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere - I couldn’t find a thread discussing this: currently the presets in “*Instr. Macros” meta-device don’t really work. At least I cannot figure out how to use them. If I save different positions of eight knobs into presets, when I load any of them it is not being recalled. A quirk, a bug?

On the other hand, to add an answer to questions raised above, to me it seems quite reasonable to have presets tied to specific instrument. Currently I see presets mainly as macro presets, which could be recalled from “*Instr. Macros” meta device and perhaps additionally in a macro section of an instrument.

What Nova deViator (and others) said, it would be sooo sweet if the presets in the “Instr.Macros” device would just work as expected. Meaning, it would save the positions of the knobs. It shouldn’t even matter if it applies to the correct instrument, even, it’s just 8 numbers of 0…100% anyway.

What I did find, suboptimal but it’s perhaps nice to know, that the A/B buttons on the “Instr.Macros” device do work as expected, you can use that to at least save and recall two knob combinations. It’s really not a lot … :slight_smile:

Having this (or a trick to emulate it) would open up some pretty sweet new possibilities for instruments as package wrapped softsynths. But the main problem I run into is, in some way problem with my general workflow and automation in Renoise (I’m holding out the hope that that someone can educate me on a way that works smoother) – actually I now realize my workflow issue isn’t strictly relevant to Macro Presets, but automation in general, so I’m going to stick that part of the post into a new thread.