Native Arpeggiator Idea

Hi guys, please see my graffiti. :)

I sometimes want arpeggiator since some VSTi synth don’t have it and my midi keyboard don’t have it too. So I thought of this idea somehow.
This is not a brand-new idea, just a common simple arpeggiator is added in Renoise.
But if we can change some parameters of the arpeggiator by automation, it’s something effective and fun, I think.

2064 arp05.gif

Btw, I know there are people who want to use VSTi arpeggiator in Renoise. (I saw such posts several times here)
Of course, it’s the solution which has the highest flexibility. If it’s possible, I’m glad too.
But here, this Native Arpeggiator idea aims at easy to use for everyone everywhere, and naturally it’s usable on Win/Mac/Linux version of Renoise easily.

[EDIT] Updated the image. Added the 16 value boxs (Transpose function) etc.

Looks very nice, but maybe a possibility to choose the tone/octave on each step would be a nice addition?


realtime arpeggiator > arpeggiator script

i like it, but what does the ‘latch’ button do exactly?

also, in addition to up, down, up/down and chord, i’d vote for a ‘random’ and a ‘static’ option (the last one being no chord changes so essentially a sort of retrigger thingy?

I agree, if you could choose tone/octave, then +2

ah, with the tone and octave option, my ‘static’ option would be rendered useless i suppose. you could just set the tone/octave to the same on each step.
i’d still enjoy a ‘random’ option though. and maybe an Inertia-slider?

It is the option that the arpeggio phrase continues sounding even if you release your fingers from a keyboard. Maybe it’s better to say “Hold”. ^_^

Hmmm, maybe I’m misunderstanding what “tone/octave” means, but let me add more explanation.

The little boxs on the Arp panel simply mean the “rhythm” sequence (and sequence length).
So you should input chords in the pattern editor at least, then you can hear the arp phrase.
So simply you can input some chords which are octave above/below too.
Or do you guys mean that “possibility to choose tone/octave” is like making more complex phrase??
If so, it’s not included in my first idea since I want to keep simple arpeggiator.
But you can change arp phrase to free phrase easily on the pattern editor like image below thanks to the automation.

2046 arp-on-off.png

But in the end, I’m not a developer, so it’s just only an idea and don’t know how it’s hard to implement (maybe automation is troublesome). But discussion is free. Any new idea is welcome. B)

Yes, Renoise really needs a native arpeggiator. I can’t imagine this would be that hard to implement actually?
Let’s discuss this some more! :walkman:

Haha, I can imagine devs complain. :D

And about this:

Now I understand what TheBellows means. FM8 is good example, maybe.
But to add such function, we need 3 box-lines on the GUI at least.(Hmm, a bit overdone??)

(Actually, I referred to the StringStudioVSTi to draw the first image.)

2047 arp-example.png


++++++111111111 !!!

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@satobox: haven’t seen you comment on my idea for a random mode and a inertia-slider yet? what do you think of those? the inertia would control portamento (one note gliding into the other).

I think portamento implementetion is NOT in the scope of this device.

The device only creates new notes and is thus usable with both Renoise instruments and VSTi instruments. For both of these the portamento workings are different anyway. You have to set up portamento manually in VSTi.

Renoise instrument format currently does not support it at all, this should be another topic in XRNI future features.

thanks for the quick reply on that. i figured it might be done through the ‘glide to note’ pattern effect or something.

I’ve updated the first image.
I added 16 value boxs for “Transpose” which is the same function of the FM8’s Transpose.
I think it’s enough if the Transpose value can be changed between +24 to -24.
Also added the “Note Length” slider from FM8 as well.
Personally, I don’t want to complicate this device any further. ;)

“Random” is of course good idea. It also be added.
And about 05xx command, if you fill the arpeggio section on the pattern editor with 05xx, I guess that the portamento effect may be effective for sample instruments. Maybe I’m wrong though… :unsure:


I heart arpeggios. Definitely a +1.

edit: never mind. should it be dependent of the lpb settting?