New Renoise Pattern Fonts

A few months back I decided to create a new pattern font that would be more suitable for a high-res display. Ended up making 2 (one is a pixel style varient)

Posting them here incase anyone is interested in them…

Source files

To “install” this font, replace/rename one of the old pattern fonts with this one into the [renoise app here]/…/Skin/Fonts/ folder and then change your renoise settings to use that font in the renoise preferences -> GUI tab.

Edit: Has been modified for the new Renoise beta (missing some characters for the new effects commands)

You’ve also changed the main interface fonts. Which fonts are those? Looks interesting.

Saw these on a while ago, they look great! Thanks, downloaded.

I made my own font on fontstruct. It doesnt support utf8 though. its just the basics…

Great fonts. Should be included in the renoise package together with an option in the preferences to switch between fonts.

When I replace the .fon files ans switch between them in the preferences/gui tab, the pattern font is changed but the other texta are not changed?! How can I achieve this? Do I have to rename a .ttf also?

I don’t have any use for the pattern font personally, but the interface font looks great!

Hello Fasttracker II + Soundmonitor…

Would be really nice to know how to install this stably so that the next build (2.7.3?) won’t overwrite the fonts. These posted fonts might be good for my FT2-based font blindness.

Could you share your config.xml from the font folder? I am trying to install the sealth-font.


this is a bit OT, but that blueish skin/theme, have you posted it here in the forums too? i really like that, it’s actually the best theme i’ve seen so far :)

didn’t find it in the “Color Themes for Renoise” thread, it’s a bit different than your black vs saturation theme

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<fontengine doc_version="0"><br>

The other font is replaced differently. I didn’t mention that because it’s only the basic english alphabet, numbers, and a few special characters. You can read above to find the links to those fonts.

Any chance of a walkthrough (complete with hand-holding and warm beverages to make sure the more queasy amongst us don’t get an upset tummy and start panicking)?

Nice one. What I’m still confused with are the actual Linux/OSX/Windows paths to these things…

ooo I like your Theme Jenoki… can I get a link?


Is where it is.
I’m wondering if symlinks can be used to call a specific place so that it’s not lost during an update? Or? How would I go about doing that?

I’m interested in having the huge font by trash80 included with the actual Renoise distribution. Please make it so? Even if you have to add another option ‘fucking huge’.

Thanks :D

Warning: 6000px wide desktop screenie with the fucking huge fonts. Nicer for working on close-up bits! I’d love the track title fonts to be bigger though :)

Screen cap:Click to view, cos its so huge it breaks the forum layout

Screen cap: Regular font for comparison

Really keen on this one.

Thank you! :) I´m used to the Patternfonts in Protracker on Amiga, so this is highly appreciated!