Nice New Tools, But Not Advertised On Tools.Renoise.Com

I notice some real nice tools around here, yet i don’t see all of them on which i find a pity.
Afraid that you receive so many bug reports that you will have to do overtime in the weekends to fix it?

You can use your forum account to post your tools if you didn’t know how to upload tools there before.

Agree. From time to time i see superb tools on renoise forum, but not on the TOOLS page. I think this need 2 be fixed )

I only post my own stable tools to the Tool Academy.

I think the issue is self-assesement. If someone feels that their tool isn’t “perfect” for whatever reason, then they don’t post?

If I were to nitpick, I wish comments were always in this forum. Right now it’s a bit of a pain to scan two different places for feedback. Maybe an option in the Tools form to post a URL to a forum thread for those who prefer this option.

I get your idea, but somehow the comment settings could really use an email notification checkbox upon newly posted comments as i rather prefer an email notification when someone posted a comment on my tools page.
That would also keep me tight on business here and i can response quick enough.
The reasoning behind this is i suspect more people attempt to download tools from the tools page than folks from here.
Ofcourse you can always start initial work here, but if interest seems to drop down and you as developer have the idea it can be used in public, post it on the tools page and then await new feedback again and polish out the last few quircks.

You can watch a forum thread, and receive email when it’s updated. Click the giant “Watch This Topic” at the top?

So, once again, duplicate functionality.

That tools site is annoyingly complex. The form could just be as simple as a SINGLE file upload field and a submit button, but no, there is like tons of fields that have to be filled in and some strange actions that have to be taken and bunch of images which have to be uploaded in awkward exact dimensions… This is just too much fuzz for most people to go through and does not motivate anyone to upload things.

I agree Suva.

Doing the images probably has made me “put off until tomorrow” uploading tools there, though I can see the point and it makes searching for tools easier for the user.

Maybe I will just upload some without images and add them later when I have the mood for some accurate cropping.

ah, thats why …

I don’t understand that quite completely.
I can understand you may overlook a few fields here and there because one might not find it important. But if you read carefully, there is nothing complex here.
We still expect programmers to post up some stuff here on this area (not some kid who only knows to find the on/off button on his console and where to put in the disc) so we expect programmers should at least be able to deal with a few form parameters…

The best programmers are lazy, it’s what makes them good programmers. :)

I don’t want to start a flamewar, I know a lot of work went into the tools site and it would be stupid to scrap it, but for Suva’s example the manifest.xml file in the tool itself could be used to automatically fill in the form.

Stuff like this always reminds me of Agile Development. Release early, get real feedback from real users, release often.

Cheap and barely good enough can always be improved. Tons of effort for nobody, can’t.

I just want to know: which are these tools that are so awesome they inspired this thread in the first place? :)

In random order:

Some tools are stated to be Alpha, perhaps they don’t belong on the tools page just yet, but the reference should be gesture enough in the hopes to motivate the author to continue the project or submit an update about the current status :)