Pitch Tracking Device - Frequency Demodulation

(Djeroek) #1

Now that we’ve got an amplitude demodulator device in the form of the signal follower, why not also get a frequency demodulator in the form of a pitch tracking device? :slight_smile:

Besides the possibility to act as sort of a ‘tuner’ (being able to detect frequency in Hertz and its position in the Western chromatic scale for example, think gtune vst), I imagine it would analyze the frequency content in a track channel and could output ‘values’ to control other devices/events. Think; notes in the pattern editor or trigger samples whenever similar pitches in the analyzed signal occur.

This is not the same as the ‘key-tracking device’ , taking just pattern editor note events for input, it would extract periodicity information out of a signal in real-time.

Why would this be cool?

Native auto-tune?

Hopefully not :wink:

…also Renoise, unfortunately, doesn’t have oscillator devices to output control information too…

I dream of analyzing a sample and have Renoise automatically fill in the pattern editor with note-pitch data!
Being able to set-up mappings of what frequency in the analyzed signal would trigger what sample in the instrument list.

For very rough analysis this could be a real-time job, but maybe off-line processing would be better for quality conversion.

This isn’t impossible. Melodyne is doing it for a while and the core technology is based on fft calculations. Algorithms, some already on the streets ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_detection_algorithm , http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~dwang/papers/WWB.icassp02.pdf ).

The request isn’t super high on my wish-list, but maybe around version 4.0, Kraken has some free time to look into this? :)



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(martyfmelb) #2

Renoise can create a parameterised oscillator. Just put a DC Offset followed by a RingMod, et voila you have an oscillator at the frequency of the RingMod.

(It-Alien) #3

I have suggested this during the alpha stage of 2.5, but the idea was not accepted because the precision of the result would not be satisfactory

(BYTE-Smasher) #4

Meh… it could come with the warning of “this thing isn’t precise at all” :P