PLEASE some way to type path/filenames directly!!!

Having to clickity-click my way through the “tree view” is a PAIN IN THE ASS when i want to just load say, /usr/midi/file.mid or say, ~/.renoise/whatever.xrns (plus .renoise doesn’t even appear in the file list because it starts with a period)

Renoise really kicks ass, but the file management seriously needs some work. This is like using a fucking windowz program.

/* edit */ …yeah, sorry for seeming kinda harsh, but this is really getting on my nerves… :confused:

check this out: earlier topic

very true. Also more pure keyboard controlability (?) could do wonders for operating the disk browser part of the program. Like, someone else also asked in another topic about having Enter save said file (be it song, inst, sample…) instead of “accepting value of input box and then continuing pc-keyboard-notes operation” (i know, it’s probably got something to do with consistency). And you know, how about having / key to instant-search in current dir for files?


Yes, this is sorely missing in Renoise. But imho not as much as hitting a load/save button or keybinding and just typing, say, ~/track/file.xrni (with bonus points for TAB completion!!)

Again missing / to search would be less of an annoyance if we could middle-click in the scrollbars to “snap” them at the click position, like normal X11/unix/linux scrollbars, that would be really useful.

Hey, new version out soon (supposedly) …so maybe these features are already implemented as we spe…uh as we type? :panic:/> :w00t:/> :walkman:/> :dribble:/> :yeah:/> :lol:/> :D/>

That would be awesome. I’d give license money again haha :P
ps where is the piano xrni from in your sig’s song?

ontopic: also, when you create a folder in say explorer (i’m on windows) that is somewhere in the tree of disk browsers current ‘root’ dir, when you focus back on renoise it refreshes and still thinks it’s in dir entry #20 while it should’ve been switched over to #21 (or save current path as pathname or sth)… know what I mean?

agree with these setiments. At the moment, directory navigation is a chore. More presets would help as well.

Not for me… even the 4 available now, i never remember which one i set to where, and there’s this annoying bug that the mouseover popup showing the full path “sometimes” appears and sometimes not :(

You can still drag and drop files onto Renoise.
That should work.

This is the way I use it, since that works on all platforms just as “expected”.

Still I agree with the OP that directory navigation in Renoise has quite a learning curve and somehow differs from what I “know” from windows and linux (except the clicky-aim-clicky-aim-click-aim-click-aim-clicky style of navigation).

Yes but the thing is probably someone needs copy/psate dir, so that he can preview (prehear) the files in it.

Well, toy around with the Amiga OS or trackers in it and you find out where that behavior got its roots from ;)

I think a few of these comments are missing the point (or at least, what I think is the important issue here). The issue is not whether the directory navigation is more like windows or more like amiga, it’s that directory navigation using the keyboard alone is not fluid (or even feasible, for that matter).

I just posted this a few days ago, it seems very similar to this thread:

so this stuff is a pure renoise-linux prob?!

and how about keeping the samples organized in folders near the or inside the renoise dir?!

No, on the contrary. These are suggestions for improvement on platforms that have a decent filesystem structure. The problem is that windows programs ported to other systems are just so annoyingly…windows-ish and cumbersome when it comes to files & directories.

They are, at least on my network. This does not eliminate the need for a usable filesystem navigation.

I feel you didn’t really read any of this topic or the topic linked.

Wouldn’t help. This is more about when you have samples outside your regular locations, for instance, downloaded a compo pack and unzipped it right in downloads folder; now could it be made a lot easier to navigate to that folder in renoise when you already have the folder opened in windows explorer / mac finder / linux whatever? Yes it could :)
Being able to even script the DB’s location would be awesome already

i second what you guys are saying, for me it would be nice if, at least, the search was recursive …
…keeping fingers crossed …

[indent]but in the mean time,
here is how one can navigate using the keyboard :dribble: :

  • the focus is gained by alt+clicking into the file browser … and tadaaaa …! there you are set whizzing around using the keyboard.

  • in the lower right corner click “more” => you get “full frame” … aah, now one actually see the whole tree B)
    this is a preset view i have saved for my workflow
    F1 is set to this full frame view in my case, in order to get direct keyboard focus without even touching a mouse :yeah:
    there you can ctrl+arrow-key, pg up/down, and tab around,
    (check for the navigation shortcut keys referenced in the right click context menu to learn)

works quiet OK for me. … beats mousing around for sure :w00t: [/indent]

but type-able navigation string would be very nice, indeed.
as mentioned, recursive search, descending into sub folder, is what i wish, if i may.

something small and feasible but really inherent improvement would be a keyboard shortcut to focus the search field

PS: for the customizable “links” to folders:

on the far left, where it says:
“Song, DSP Chain, Sample, Instrument, Theme”
right above there are buttons: “1 2 3 4”

  • now when you navigate to your additional target folder (to give it focus as root folder), by right-clicking on one of the numbers, it becomes a shortcut to that presently focused folder, (same procedure as in saving “views”) you can thereafter directly jump to this folder by using the assigned n° button ;) (4x for each registry, that is)

Anyone care to take look at the video I shot? Something like this would be really great for navigating on disk in renoise:

It happen after 0:06 where the file manager is in focus. I type:

“mu” (selects folder “music”)
(open folder “music”)
“ren” (selects folder “renoise”)
(opens folder “renoise”)
“pro” (selects folder “projects”)
(opens folder “projects”)
“adve” (selects folder “advent”)
(opens folder “advent”)
(goes one level up to folder “projects”)
(goes one level up to folder “renoise”)

If I had typed “mi” instead of I would have opened the project “mit_hjerte_altid_vanker.xrns” in renoise…

Hey thanks for every tip in here
the last part about the <1> through <4> buttons I’m guessing everybody in this topic already knew about, but there are some tactics here that I didn’t realize worked; especially saving the fullscreen diskbrowser (I would probably have the bottom bar open with instrument properties) as a view and how it also saves the place that has focus! That’s awesome.
I definitely agree on the “need” for a shortcut for the find box.

yes, i did.
i agree with you, that would be teh state of the art of disk navigation, most efficient, the way i like it.

  • 1 on that

The focus goes to the filename box when you click on it.

Now try typing “…” followed by TAB or ENTER - you should end up in the parent directory. Instead ENTER assumes you’re trying to load/save a file actually called “…” and TAB inserts a few spaces in the box.

Giving the focus to the file list doesn’t seem much help either, other than using up/down to select entries…