Record Qwerty Noodling To Sample Editor

Right now recording notes happens in the Pattern Editor.

My request: I’d like the ability to record the selected track into the Sample Editor.

Selected track in my case is an empty track, looping, with a bunch of DSP effects. I jam out my notes on my QWERTY but instead of going into the Pattern Editor, the output of my jam is routed into the Sample Recorder.

Thank you for your consideration.

You could always create a lot of (long) empty patterns, noodle in to them, and then render the track…

Yes, you are right.

or use this free vst on the master channel:

i am looking forward to trying this out. you don’t know how many times i wish my card could let me capture what was being played on it in renoise. especially when i experimenting with line in and looping vstes

Perhaps if Renoise gave the Track Routing options at the bottom of every track the ability to access Line-In devices, rather than only physical soundcard outputs, this would be a very neat way to achieve this? Admit it took me a little reading to understand the problem so let me know if I’m right in thinking this would actually be a solution.

Line-in doesn’t lead to the Sample Editor Recorder?

I’m trying to record what I hear in a track, in real time, into the Sample Editor Recorder.

Buy a Mac! Wait, what?

Then what does?

That’s not what I mean. Line-in device records input from my soundcard. Like, my guitar or whatever.

What I want.

  1. Open a demo song.
  2. Play song
  3. Create a new track.
  4. In new track, jam down a melody with your QWERTY.

My melody in step #4 should be recorded into the Sample Editor Recorder. The rest of the song should not.

And if you could route the output of a track to the input of a line-in device would this not allow you to?

Possibly not, which is why I’m asking. But I think some kind of Track Routing option is the way to go. IE Sound card output 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 etc etc … virtual input 1/2, 3/4… etc. Then the virtual input could be selected from the Recorder dialogue couldn’t it?

Oh! Yes.

This sounds vaguely familiar. Hasn’t this been requested recently?

heh, good 'ol mac scarcity, maybe this one works? Have never tried it myself, but it is also listed under audio-recorders and available for expensive eye-candy os :) :

You can always use Soundflower on the Mac, but we’re heading in to “reduce the need for registering Renoise as we’re more or less replicating song/track rendering” territory here. :)

Line-in recording exists, but you don’t hear the audio when it records because that was for the realtime rendering.
but if you want to jam your external device and you would be able to listen to the output of the device while it also sends its audio to Renoise, i guess then render realtime is the option.

I remember now. It was me who posted it. “route audio into a VST.”

Not the same, but similar.

Hi, guys. New here, so please forgive me if I say something stupid which is not in line with local customs. :P Oh, and yes, sorry about sidetracking a bit.

I’ve been using Renoise for just under 2 days, and I come from FL Studio, which I really liked (but, of course, Renoise kicks serious arse compared to it). Anyway, rather than recording the output as waveform into sample editor, it would be nicer if Renoise would remember arbitrary keystrokes or MIDI signals, and gave us an ability to dump it into a selected track.

FL Studio has this feature, and it’s great. I sometimes test an instrument on my keyboard, and stumble upon a sweet tune that I can’t remember (probably because I’m a bad keyboard player). So it helps that the software remembers it and gives me an opportunity to dump it onto the piano roll. Of course, piano roll has virtually infinite length (technically not, but it extends to an arbitrary length depending on how much you write in it), so Renoise would still have to deal with the problem of dump’s length (create new patterns on the fly?), but I think I’d love to see this feature.

Well, that’s basically what happens once you turn on edit mode, start playback and hit some keys

OK, this is more advanced - you’re saying that there’s a kind of constant recording buffer somewhere in FL Studio that you can tap into if you just made an interesting doodle? Kind of like those hd-recorders for television where you can rewind in a sports match…I think the concept has manifested itself in various DAW’s as the concept of “takes”, where you can recording something and then, once you stop recording, get a choice between keeping various takes. Not exactly the same thing, but close I guess.

Renoise also has a thing which is relatively close. A tool called AutoClonePatterns which allow you to loop a range within the pattern sequence (single or multiple patterns). Once you start recording it AutoClonePatterns for as long as you like. So simple/easy to use that it has become essential to me

Yes, I guess there has to be some buffer. You can also list the history of all MIDI commands, so I guess it does keep track of stuff happening regardless of whether recording is turned on or not. So if Renoise could remember keystrokes and MIDI commands, and offer a window to list those and copy paste them onto the patterns, that would be it. For keystrokes, it should probably only remember those that belong to notes (qwerty, yada yada). I’m not sure. Personally, I own a MIDI keyboard, so having it remember just MIDI commands would be enough.

The key use case for me is when I am tuning an instrument, and playing random stuff to see how it all sounds. I don’t necessarily intend to record, and the tuning might take a while so it may overload the pattern anyway. So a buffer that is longer than the longest pattern (512 lines, no?) would be a nice feature.

I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for the tip.

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yes please.
and please no “install this software” “just stop whatever you’re doing and route all sound out to soundflower and stop whatever you’re doing with the line-inputs and just switch the input to soundflower in and stop whatever you’re doing and start recording with sample recorder, stop whatever you’re doing, go deaf, then remember to bypass the monitoring so you don’t go deaf. oh, and stop whatever you’re doing a few times more.” -type “solutions”.

and no, please, nobody start writing suggestions such as “hey, why dont you script the audio input + audio output device changes?” cos I’ll say “yeah, why don’t you provide me with imaginary api functions which allow for setting the sample_recorder input channel to the corresponding audio output/input channel…” and so it goes.

having a native renoise way of recording sample editor jamming (with loop length changes and all that stuff) would be a really fluid way of using jamming to create completely new samples - something which you can’t (freely) / (fluidly) replicate by slapping notes into a pattern and hoping they’re in the right place(s)