Proper audio routing to plugins

So will it happen ?

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m i missing something, dont we have it already?

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anyway, the least gentleclockdivider can do is expand on why the current sidechain through the Signal Follower is not ‘real actual sidechain’, and what makes the real thing so much better. go for it!

Think both of our signatures have been like this for a while…no one has commented on mine before.

btw, saw the thread gentleclockdivider decided to bump. funny thing is that thread holds the following 2 posts, by sunjammer and Byte-Smasher:

these posts make good points about the idea that a tool that is a bit less general and a lot more ‘meta’ would be loads more useful to have than a dedicated sidechaining device. a meta-device would allow sidechaining + other stuff as well. frankly, seems they’re talking about the Signal Follower.

signal follower + hydra to gainer or compressor works wonders for me…

lost as to where the fault lies…

yeah I know the combo signal followoer +hydra etc.might work …But what if we want to send audio to a vst plugin for sidechaing …
Direct side chain compression ( vst effects ) is still imposible .
Prove me wrong

I use the signal follower with vst compressors…I route the signal to the threshold setting or the equivalent setting…for example, with audio damage rough rider I route the signal to the sensitivity parameter, works a charm for me…


Well, you are wrong.

You aren’t actually asking for Side Chain. Side Chaining is a technique that can be accomplished a dozen different ways. This is like asking for “panning” but for some reason you want to pan with some arbitrary VST.

What you are really asking for is the ability to route audio into a VST. In Renoise, this could theoretically be accomplished like this:

2348 audio_routing.png

A VST that accepts incoming audio could appear where the big red arrow is.

Implementing this is another story.


What I am actually wanting is this , the ability to route audio to the side chain input of a vst plugin .
Like I explained earlier , the forthcoming filter plugin by ‘cytomic audio’ , the filter can be modulated by an audio signal ( filter fm ) which goes into the side chain input of the filter …this is currently impossible within renoise , no matter how you set up the signalm follower …I agree that there are numerous ways of achioeving ducking effects with the signal follower and a gain dsp …

[quote=“Conner_Bw, post:10, topic:33667”]
2348 audio_routing.png

That panning slider makes me horny.

also, “real” sidechaining gets a plus from me, even though I wouldn’t put it too high in the priorities list.

then change your request to ‘better routing’ or something like ‘route to vst’ instead of real sidechaining.

Like connor is saying, It’s proper audio routing that we want/need.
Sidechaining compression is just one of the possibilities with that.

I for one think it’d be great if this gets added.

indeed. with audio routing to VSTs it shouldn’t matter whether you’re routing audio into the ‘sidechain input’ of VST A, or the ‘special anal fx input’ of VST B.

+1 for advanced audio routing.

A break from the stereo paradigm might go hand in hand with it as well. Currently all tracks in Renoise are always stereo, no true mono tracks, no easy way to do 5.1 sound or similar.

It would be nice if we could route any VST/VSTi audio output to any other VST/VSTi audio input.

Topic title adjusted.
Left the original title in there though.

^ thanks vV, much more appropriate to the discussion now.

i’ve been asking for this since ehm… years? :D