Renoise As Vsti Or/and Rewire :)

Is it possible that Renoise will be VSTi or/and Rewire plugin ? :)
Why not ? :))

have you tried ReViSiT?

if you’re looking for a tracker that you can load as a VST

This has been asked a millions times before…

At least Rewire probably won’t ever happen. The majority of Renoise users just don’t value Rewire enough to vote for it. Those of us who do value it have to respect this fact and instead find work-arounds.

If you want to use Renoise together with for example Reason, then probably the best work-around at this point is to slave Reason to Renoise using LoopBE1 or MidiYoke or any other virtual midi cables. Then you can send out the notes on 16 midi channels in real time to Reason. Then, for further editing, convert the Renoise song file to .mid using Bantai’s excellent XRNS2MID script. Then import the .mid into Reason (or Cubase, to which Reason can be slaved via Rewire).

Edit: gotta disagree with my earlier self. Rewire would really be awesome…

Nothing… :ph34r:

Where did taktik say that? Can you point us to a reference quote?

last words of taktik about Rewire were just about the licensing issue not being a “valid excuse” anymore, I can’t remember/find anything regarding Rewire complexity. about

about the “everyone should love and want Rewire” statement which sometimes recurs on this forum, I don’t use any Rewire enabled software, and I think I’m not the only one. these people would never use Rewire, even if it would be implemented. This does not mean that taktik should not implement it: I simply want to show you that it is actually possible that someone could not eagerly want Rewire to be implemented.

Renoise as a VSTi:
if ever taktik would implement this, it would be in a complete way, not just a “send the audio out” way; these are his words, and I can understand him. This means it would be very hard for him to implement it.

My experience is that someone saying ‘if you do this people would pay!’ is paradoxical to the reality of people not actually paying after doing it.

I know a lot of producers using Cubase, Logic, Fruity Loops, Acid, Reason, Live, anything except a tracker. As much as they think Renoise is cool, Rewire isn’t the feature that would make or break the deal.

Renoise’s user base would not sky rocket due to Rewire support. That’s just stupid.

People aren’t using other software because of Rewire. They are using it because it’s gasp other software, probably pirated.

I’m not against the feature. However, there are so many workarounds that it’s waste of resources for the complexity. Those resources could be spent on something like “THE ARANGER”, bringing something appealing to actual users of other software.

Well I my memory might then betray me. Can’t find the post myself. Sorry for the misinfo. :(

No, i read it too. it’s here.

It’s not only stupid. It’s evil.

Well, there are obviously two camps here:

Refrain A: “Let’s cram more features into Renoise so that ultimately we won’t need any other softwares!”
Refrain B: “Let’s open up Renoise so that ultimately we can use all other softwares with it!”

… and C: “Let’s wait and see!”

Rewire is not an open standard, it’s just popular.

Do you remember the most popular kid from your high school?

Me neither.

I’m using other software than Renoise when playing live sets, but if there was Rewire support I could use the max/msp patches I need with Renoise. The workarounds haven’t been sucessful yet. But Renoise probably need some new features to make live sequencing easier before I’d actually start using it, something simple like mentioned in the A Very Simple “live Performance” Mode thread. For now I just render the Renoise stuff I need. The rest is up to other software I’m afraid.

Sure! I was the most popular kid on/at/in(/what-is-the-correct-preposition-in-English) my high school. :D

Ah, thank you! I can still trust my head. Or at least know that it can be trusted. At least in some cases. :)

Do you really think it’s so black and white? I have my doubts… I agree there’s a lot of more important work to do than implementing Rewire and I give two thumbs to that. And I really don’t need it at least currently. I’m not against it tho, just don’t see it having enough priority compared to the work it should take. Know nothing about it’s usability, so I’ll just shut up now. Have nothing more to say. But please go on with discussion.

/the Kameleonth Guy

Well, if that’s the case: that Rewire requires Renoise to be rebuilt in the structural programming sense, and that this takes a lot of time for taktik, then I’ll also conclude that it’s not worth the effort. I didn’t know this.

So I’ll switch side and abandon my Rewire dreams. Instead I’ll vote for the Arranger.

Renoise as a VST would break the deal for certain.

Rewire is for controlling “Reason” am I right?

I tried Reason, thought it sucked big time and so I don’t need Rewire.

No, it’s not just for controlling Reason. With Rewire you can have perfect sync between ALL Rewire applications: Cubase, Sonar, Fruity Loops, Orion, Reaper, Waves, Rebirth, Halion, Live… well, the list is long.