Renoise Knock-Out Tournament - Round 3 (Semifinal) - Results Are In&#

Round 3 - Results are in!

Congrats to Keith303 and Robbie S… Good luck in the final round!

Rules are same as the first , except the tracking time limit is now 4 hours!

Samplepack link (Thanks again Keith303 for hosting)

Voting is open to everyone, not just competitors. Next round, it will be absolutely vital.

Good luck everyone!

There hasn’t been a tie yet, surprisingly, but what would be a good tie-breaker should the need arise?

fistfight to the death.


I’ll prolly have a bit lack of time to make a track this weekend, but I have monday off. So I’m wondering if it’s ok for me to turn in my award-winning contribution on monday even if the deadline has passed?

Pretty pleeeeease with combofilter on top!!

Absolutely ! You know we are all about deadline extensions around here… I’ll give you another day.

i just have to say something to vent some frustration here. been working for 2 hours on my song yesterday and in my not-very-professional opinion this is the worst samplepack so far. it seems too much geared towards a certain type of music, and since i am not into certain types of music i am having a very hard time working with this. what i’m saying is i would like to have had some more diverse samples, instead of 8 basslines etc.

now, of course i should not be whining, and this is my problem and i will naturally just work with what i got. i am aware of the possibilities of even a single sine-wave sample for example, and know that i will be able to sculpt something proper out of this. so please do not take this as some kind of massive criticism or as an excuse for me to have if i might lose this round. it was just something i got frustrated about yesterday and wanted to get off my back. sorry if this offends anyone as that is not my intention at all.

I understand you, I’m actually trying to work with a 4-4-4 concept (4 hours, 4 instruments/samples, 4 tracks). In those limitations I simply have no time at all for “exploration”, “try and error” philosophy, things like that. I must already nearly know what I will do and how, before to start anything. I feel a lot of frustration when I understand that my initial idea won’t be able to sound like I first imagined. And I’m a bit nervous, in the process. Most of the time in the end I finish with lots of cut’n paste song material, and tweak one or two things, no time for something more. On the other side, I say to myself that deadlines efficiently push me to finish something and to become more “productive” with a tracker.

Why don’t you guys just make some sounds instead of being nervous? :D

well, of course, you are completely right :)

i’ll briefly repeat here what i told organic io in my PM to him for my entry for this round:
about my above comment regarding the quality of the samplepack, to be honest i am pretty nervous for this round after having listened to some of what Robbie S can do. i have made a good track i think with these samples, and after all the tools matter less than what you do with them. i’m just not that certain of myself this round. maybe i should never have listened to Robbie S his last track so thoroughly :)

good luck to you all, really loving this compo so far!

You know, I had actually given up this time. Toughest samplepack to tame so far. I made an attempt to do a house-song, but it sounded like something an armless hobo would have made. I was just about to tell everybody about my forfeit when I read this above…

… and I thought to myself: WTF?! I have to produce something. Can’t quit like a… like a… quitter!

I almost let you win by walkover, rhowaldt. :ph34r: I am not saying that I will win, but at least I turned in a song so there will be something to vote about. :badteeth:

haha, guess i shouldn’t have confessed to that, or my win would’ve been certain!
no man i’d rather win to something real instead of to nothing, so happy you at least turned something in. and glad to see i was not the only one struggling with this samplepack. good luck on the votes and we’ll just wait and see how everybody else thinks both our tracks turned out.

OK, getting the votepack ready right now…

Unfortunately during the course of our tournament, I-tourney has gone down (the site where the brackets were hosted) so I no longer can link the bracket image… So I will need to either redo it on another site or revert to the old spreadsheet.

Either way, I’ll have something together soon.

Vote links!!!



Vote Here

All links are working except Robbie S’s source file link… Robbie, please make sure to update this!

I’ll figure out something with the brackets today or tomorrow

wow, nice entries all! and even in genres it seems like both the semi-finals are up for it! keith303 and chotoro both have stuff with beats, and me and robbie s both have slower, more drawn out stuff. cool. voting now.

Fixed and voted.

Some really good stuff this round, guys… Hard to vote!

Having all four tracks in winamp on repeat. And still not voted yet… ;)

Edit: voting done, tough one. In addition to the final, will there be a match for #3 ? (I’d love to listen to another song made by each one, hehe!)

Oops… I was away and forgot to vote. Congrats to the winners! :)