Renoise On Mininotebook

I’m thinking about buying ASUS EEE mini notebook. It runs on 900 MHz Intel Celeron-M. Do You think that some basic operations including some DSP FX could be done on it?


Fast Tracker 2 atmospherics ;)

Renoise will run on a 900mhz no problem… however you might have an issue with resolution. Renoise needs at least 1024x768 to be completely visible :P

just three well-meant words: don’t do it

related info:

Yeps, when considering CPU power, you might get away with an EEE, but resolution-wise, the EEE sucks big horse.

i’ve been looking into this myself, and so far the smallest viable option is the HP 2133 Mini-Note:

Display: 8.9-inch diagonal WXGA (1280 x 768)

meh, i think i’ll wait.

imo if you want to go small:

tytnII/kaiser running milkytracker.

Ohh, i forgot about the resolution limit. A pity. I’d like work with Renoise on some x-tra portable device. Standard laptop is too heavy. :(

choice> LOL :-D… Fantastic solution! :)

Thx everyone!

Fast Tracker 2 atmospherics ;)

MacBook Air is your friend then i guess (if you call standard laptop too heavy), native display resolution is 1280*800

! i see you noticed the pair of magnifying glasses. XD