Sampler Workflow

Hey guys,

coming from a traditional DAW/hardware sampler zone, I have a question of how to solve this workflow problem in renoise.

Basically I’d like to have a setup where I trigger sounds with midi pads in the same way you do it on an MPC, both for creating/trying out beats as well as live performance… so one sample per pad/midi note.

Let’s say I have 7 drum samples, 3 bass samples and 4 piano samples chopped up somehow… would I work with key zones in a single instrument? Assign each to an own instrument?

Whats the idiomatic way to do that in renoise? I found the midi control panel for an instrument but if my instrument is a single sample, I don’t know where to assign it to just one note, there’s just the device/channel option.

Thanks :-))

This has been much discussed previously and you could have found loads of useful discussion with the Search function of the forum (or some would recommend use Google)!!!

But anyway: Loads the samples into one single instrument, set the Base Note at the top right of the Keyzone Editor to the first note of your pads, hit the Generate Drum Kit button. Now set an Envelope for Volume in the Instrument Settings so it doesn’t go silent when you release you fingers back off the pad. NNA probably wants setting to Continue.

Now all samples within an instrument share the same NNA setting. Therefore you can not set up MPC Mute Groups. However you could do this by having each Mute Group in a different instrument assigned to listen to a different MIDI Channel and tied to a different track. Assuming you pad controller can do this…

Thanks a lot! I tried both google and forums search but probably used the wrong search expressions. Ill try that and come back if I have questions! Gets me started, thanks! :slight_smile:

here you go :D

Bravo chaps, I can think of no better way of welcoming a new user’s first forum post than with condescension and sarcasm. holds imo the middle between sarcasm and actual helping out.

Anyway, the first link from there is this forum topic.
I use a few tools to quickly set up drumkits that work like that (especially really nice in combination with any controllers with drumpads):
Sustain sampled instrument by Syflom
Simply quickly sets a instruments amp envelope to “keep on truckin’” mode (install it, right click an instrument, find the menu entry)
and optionally
which allows you to easily modify gain/pan/etc per sample from one “instrument mixer view” (made for keyboard operation but works with mouse too)
I just recently figured out that you can also select all samples in an instrument and modify their ‘NNA’ options at once.
For all the stuff to cut eachother off, you’ll want all of them set to “Cut” (which is default) and then the chord mode turned off in pattern view.
Advanced cut groups etc is not in renoise, so to really emulate that level of mpc-style composing you’ll probably need a plugin like Poise. But once you get used to it using (multi)sample instruments in renoise is lots of fun!
Now when you’ve recorded stuff into the pattern, you can also use
Clean Drums
simply allows you to set a keyboard shortcut to remove all ‘note-offs’ in the current track, in the current pattern
Split Notes to Tracks by fladd
does what it says really well