Support for routing audio to instrument plugins

I feel like I should create a formal feature request about this, motivated by e.g. Arturia Vocoder V in Renoise?

We nowadays have effect plugin sidechaining in Renoise, but it should be possible to send audio from tracks to instruments as well. There are several plugins (such as the aforementioned Vocoder from Arturia) that rely on this functionality, and VST3 itself is fully orthogonal in this regard isn’t it (for plugins having support for sidechains regardless whether they are effects or instruments)?


In Windows it is possible to have the microphone ‘listen’ to your soundcard’s / audio interface; so the vocoder will hear your output. Jack may help do something similar on other os’s.


The routing changes would be nice to have directly in the tracker but, it’s pretty easy anyway.


That’s not at all what I’m asking. That just routes incoming audio device to an output device, completely unrelated to the feature I’m asking to be supported. It’s not even part of the ASIO driver so it wouldn’t even work in real world scenarios (unless you for some reason would be using DirectSound, which you shouldn’t) in the way you’re suggesting.

Like, that’s honestly so far off the mark that I feel a bit dumbfounded.

I like your reply.

That’s a fine reply indeed!

You should try a different Daw or maybe a different forum