Undocking views / customized views

I love Renoise for years, but two things in my workflow are real missing in Renoise. And I think probably in others too.

The day that Renoise can load multiple songs in different tabs (like in Modplug for example) and when it’s possible to drag the different windows like Effect and Instrument Browsers in a custom setup (Like in Visual Studio for example), on that day I jump so hard from my studio chair that I can say hello to my upper neighbors through the ceiling.

Is this possible to implement?

All best Mario


You can load two songs by opening two Renoise instances. Then you even can copy-paste from one to another.

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Having song tabs would be super convenient,
but you have something more advanced:

and using external DAW - Rewire/Jack all the Renoises.
(and record live performance).

An external daw to rewire all Renoises is too much of an overkill and too much resource consuming. I have enough power, but that works like crap in the workflow. Multiple Renoises doesn’t work also not fine because of switching ASIO and MIDI for hardware devices and slow switching from the windows.

It would really be an outcome if this is implemented someday.

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