What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

make copies of your sample…and define their loops

but i think you want granular effect

“granular” is difficult because not HQ (for now as I imagine)

Granular engine will have to “curve” the transition…with mega oversampling

movement interpolation like some TV does

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Loop Marker Automation or Sample Multi Controller


What I hope, is a way to copy one track from a song and paste it into another song. So many times when making a song, I wish I could make this with just one click.
I mean it will copy a vst instrument with current sound settings, notes in a track, and effects chain all at once.
I know I can do all this separately, but it takes so many steps. And no, rendering is not an option. When rendering, you lose the ability to change almost everything afterward.
I’m very happy with Renoise and I can’t imagine anything else how to improve it. It sure is ticking all the other boxes for me.
So, is this doable somehow or is it already possible perhaps? Or is there a Tool for this maybe?


ability to have projects in tabs (somewhat like bitwig) would be great :slight_smile:


is there a way currently to have a better mixer view? With more resolution on the faders for each track?


Automation and Fx command to enable: [ Mute Source, Keep Source ] for device: [ Sidechain ].

Thank you!


I want the focus to move to the next/previous input field when I press Tab/Shift+Tab in the Theme value input field.

  • OS: Arch Linux x86_64
  • Kernel: 6.0.6-arch1-1
  • WM: sway
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Would be nice to have the “Start recording on key press” option. Super useful especially if metronome is one

Thank you!

Jump Command.

I crave this feature.
Please forgive the repost.
I have sketched out the jump command to be as simple and highly applicable as possible.
In particular, if combined with the Yx command, it will be possible to control with probability whether or not the line itself is executed, which I believe will enable a variety of new performances with simple expressions.
Please consider this.

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A feature that would be great would be AUv3 support, then you could for instance have drambo and all the other cool Mac iOs apps as extra tools at your disposal.

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A true peak clipper would be useful to hard clip the signal at e.g. - 1dBFS.


Yes, and it would be great to have the master channel’s soft clipper available as an insert dsp, too


Frequency analysis in the EQ devices’ graphs, because having graphs without it is a bit pointless.


Being able to drag and drop a sample from the list in Renoise into a third party VST. After auditioning the sample inside Renoise browser, to get it into say like Quanta, I usually have right click and choose the “reveal in exporer” option which is a pain in the backside to be honest. Every other DAW i have ever used allows for such. PLEASE!!! make this happen.


Re stretch long samples. So when you record a long sample you can adjust the bpm later and have your long sample stretch with the rest of the track. Or is there a way to do this already?

Copy and paste color for all color panels.

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Under the Sample Properties there is a Beatsync option and stretch mode selection. If you tell Renoise how many lines the sample takes it will adjust to BPM.

Hope that helps.