Why do topics get locked

I don’t get why splajn’s latest thread was locked - why impose the “rules” on him strictly when there are countless other threads that start anew all the time that are just variations on a theme? Unless we’re supposed to be inordinately firm on splajn for some reason I’m missing, am I right in thinking the thread was really locked because the subject challenges people’s “bubbles”?

Off-topic is in major meant as a non-Renoise corner but that doesn’t mean you have to flush it with several new threads about the same item because we still do not allow spamming in that kind of fashion.
If we had a special bitcoin section, anyone was allowed to initiate all the amount of new threads about it one would have liked, but i personally think that the best place for that is on a dedicated bitcoin forum or any money-talk related forum don’t you agree?

What Splajn added in his closed topics, does not contribute anything new in particular that doesn’t fit into the threads he already initiated in this very same section (and where anyone is still allowed to add content to). Splajn’s content remains a sales story which is frankly already on the edge where any other newcomer that would have stuffed that kind of story into his first post would have most likely been flagged and banned as spammer. So Splajn gets enough slack here.

If you have any bitcoin related questions, please post them in the existing topics that remain open or ask them on the more appropriate locations where you also can get the best answers.
I was about to close this topic as well, but am considering to merge this topic into the general bitcoin thread since you are not “selling” anything.
You could have posted your question there instead of creating a new one and most likely received some answers there as well anyway.

I´m grateful for the fact that you did not lock my thread earlier master Vv

Its been like 2 years since I last created a thread.
Is 1-3 threads over 2-3 years really “flushing with several new threads”?

Where in that thread do I say that bitcoin will rise in value and is a great investment?
It probably is, but I did not say so in that tread, because the value of bitcoin is not up to me its up to humanity.

I wanted to share information about history, that was not really focused on bitcoin.

The information and knowlegde I shared is very little known yet might have had an impact on millions of lives.
It is somehow never told in schools, yet it in major part explains both the war of independence and how Hitler could create the second world war.
No small events in our history. I did not want to put this into the bitcoin thread as its more of general monetary history and knowledge.

I know history teachers that do not know about these facts that can all be checked up and verified, yet they of all people are supposed to know about and teach history to our children why do we teach history? So we will learn from it and not repeat it.
Yet if we do not get to know how monopoly on money played a big part in our history and how it can play a big part in shaping our future as humans, we will not be able to build good societies for our selves and our coming generations.

This also means that people who become politicians don´t know about this, yet we are supposed to give them control and power over our future.

There is a topic called “The group-buy + offer thread” initiated in 2005. People still add posts to it up to recent December last year. Here and there a single soul creates a new topic, but the majority sticks to post related material into that very same thread. What was a good reason for you to create a new thread instead of using an existing one?

You didn’t say bitcoin “will rise and is a great investment” but you use classic cloak-in-arguments marketing advertisement, just one example here:

“Imagine a reality in which the Germans would have had an alternative to such as Bitcoin, the world in which we now live.
The Germans would had been able to avoid and protect themselves from the catastrophic effects of the Wiemar hyperinflation.”

Contextually you are not focussing on bitcoin here, but to most who can read between the lines, it is clearly to promote bitcoin. It remains a sales story / commercial propaganda with commercial benefits in mind, i’m sorry to say so but i really don’t see it otherwise.

Just keep specific promotional asset related information inside one topic and this works out best for everybody: people who are interested in that kind of topics will keep reading it (and may easily remember the title to search for whenever wanting to dig it up) and those that are annoyed by it, will avoid it, but nevertheless respect you for your choices and lastly these kind of threads won’t become a target for locking.

I agree with splajn. I think the thread had a unique vibe and I was finding it useful and enlightening. I definitely didn’t consider it spam, so it seems the definition of that word needs some clarification here? I like how his sharing of these perspectives challenges the status quo. If that’s as simple as rocking the boat of some niche music producers, surely that’s a good thing for world evolution? After all, are not musicians meant to be heralds of the new radical culture? Isn’t this information fuel for vitalising creativity? My perspective is that it is.

I value a harmonious forum, good house keeping, flowing tidy discussion, but I’m struggling to see how closing his thread isn’t singling him out on emotional grounds.

It is still reasonable to consider those posts as spam, especially since this user has posted nothing of interest to date. And i think it was a good thing to close those threads.


Let’s just make it clear what the borderline is then:

We can perfectly understand if someone gets excited about some event or thing and that should never be a problem. But if commercial activities or subjects are involved: Do not create new threads about the same or similar existing subjects that frankly do not really belong here in the first place and specially do not use indirect and subtle marketing techniques or vague topic titles to lure people into a selling-story (the latter is plain annoying for many people!). I don’t give a shit what the technical facts of a post are, i look to the intentions behind the content and if they are not honest and direct:stuff gets locked or removed.

Renoise forum is no place to use it as a commercial billboard plaster area for stuff that is not music or music production related. If you do post so, then you are at risk, always including the possibility of even the first thread being completely removed.

Well that was never clear to me (and not to other as well it seems), with the forum being labelled Off Topic. Please rename the forum or pin the rules at the top?

I’m with Mark on that one, isn’t it fair to post things off topic in Off Topic?
Also is it proper to dig up old threads?

Perhaps somebody here reading a particular post in off topic made all the difference in the world to them as they didn’t know about the subject at all, let alone dedicated forums (ie bitcoin forum).
Forums like that which can be somewhat intimidating, such as this forum would be to somebody not familiar with trackers or music production at all…

Splajn’s topic is locked for advertising reasons because it is considered advertising for the earlier mentioned reasons. (posted with product-promotional intentions than just informational for that matter)
The rules are clear about advertising:

Any of the admins or moderators is allowed to decide what is acceptable and what not.
Next to that, users can report posted content which we in the background will look into and judge. The filed reports is the section that you folks cannot see but these reports are also taken along in the weight.

If you post something that contains some form of advertising (direct or indirect) non-music related and you are not sure or not willing to take the risk, then simply don’t take the risk that’s all i can advise.

End of debate.