Windows: Vst Problems ("Can'T Load Module: Bla Errors)?


for a few months I’ve been having trouble with a number of my vsts after installing 2.5. When I used 2.1 All my vsts work correctly, but when I installed 2.5, the Superwave P8 wouldn’t work, even though it still functioned in 2.1. For some reason, though, it started working in 2.5, although I don’t know how I was able to get it working. Later on I started to build up my vst library, until I started using some tweakbench vsts. None of them work in 2.5. Almost all say “can’t load module: (item)” From then on, nearly every new vst that I add to my plug-in folder doesn’t work. I’m not sure if I’m extracting the files wrong or what. Is it my OS? I mainly use Vista, and when I installed 2.5 on my PC that uses XP, everything, including all the failed plug-ins, function perfectly. I’m not really knowledgeable in computers, so I don’t know if any files are conflicting or if it’s a bug.

This might be related, too. I can’t get renoise to work as a ReWire slave. I’ve tried reinstalling it, but it doens’t work.

Make sure you (your user on windows) has full read/write access to the VST folder and all its sub folders. Those errors are errors from Synthedit based plugins, which need to write files into the directories they got installed to. When installing VSTs to C:\Program Files, the system forbids this by default (this is one part of UAC).

  • Either move your VST folder out of the program files folder, out of the system folders, like your “data” partition, or home folder; whatever else your user has full access to
  • Or enable read/write access for the VST folder and all its sub folders (right click on the folder -> security -> lots of complicated crap following)
  • Or Run Renoise (or other UAC aware hosts) as admin (not recommended at all)
  • Or Disable UAC (also not recommended)

Let us know if you need more help in setting up the security stuff for the folder…

Actually, I did what you recommended as far as the security options are concerned. Allow me to demonstrate…

If you have your VST plugins inside of the Renoise fold under “Program Files (x86)” follow this…

Right Click the folder > select properties > click the security tab > highlight the username your logged on as > click “edit” located underneath the box to the right > once again, highlight the username your logged on as > then click the boxes next to “Read” and checkmark should appear > then click the box next to “Write” > click ok > and then click “ok” on the properties window…

And there you have it. :) Hopefully this helps you guys out!

Thank for the help.

My apologies for posting so late