Feature Voting

As 1.8 is getting closer to completion, I’m pondering on the next round of feature voting.
Do you trawl through the suggestions forum and pick out the requests with the most positive responses?

I’m just curious to see which things are being considered for the list.

:yeah: YOOOO!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ooh, and a little starfield thing on the about page please. :)

Like the much needed arranger for large wav files. Its just a no brainer feature we ALL need. :drummer:

Multichannel VST routing.

This would be really nice since it reduces cpu usage by not making you load seperate VST instances for multi instrument VSTs.


Yep! This and…

VST management Tool (I Would like to categorize Instruments In Folders)
Plugin Delay Compensation (Come on, I know you can…)
MIDI writing :P

And than, I’mm all yours and I’m willing to pay twice for license :)

it will never happen, but some kind of scripting would be rather dandy.

if i remember right, the next thing in the list was the Arranger.
god, after that addition i would be perfectly happy.

thanks! :D
do it. do it. do it. do it. do it.

Bah, I read through the forums in the wrong order and posted my critical feature list in another topic. So, edit, cut, paste, and here it goes :)

  • I’d madly like to have real audio tracks (the ones that play right even if you start playing in the middle of the tune and which display the waveform accordingly). A non-trivial Arranger would also do I guess. This is one reason I’m myself looking for a sequencer to play with my piano (yeah, MIDI is great but the samples on the piano are just too good to be wasted). And, don’t forget about other sampled stuff like vocals, drums, real guitars, etc. I’d happily pay another license fee just to have this one implemented. And I’m not the only one.
  • Other thing is, subtick timing would be very useful. When I’m recording myself playing the piano through MIDI, usually the quantized recording is acceptable. But, sometimes I really want to put in these syncopated triplets and other n-tuples. Now I can’t since they get quantized. The same goes for some swinging tempo changes, etc.
  • While I don’t find this absolutely killing, it’d be great to have Rewire support. It’d enable Renoise to interact with the rest of the software you already have or plan on buying. You know, most of other software is compatible with it (even the fledging REAPER).
  • And one last thing… least crucial but also handy: an increasing number of plugins (like RMIV, Addictive Drums, etc.) hold MIDI fragments that can be dragged and dropped onto the sequencer. This lets you have for instance decent drum rolls at a glance which you can later customize.

If we had the first two, I wouldn’t need a sequencer no more. If we had the first three, I wouldn’t need any other piece of software for my day to day music production work (true, a full-fledged audio editor is nice, but Renoise isn’t competing with those, is it?). And if we had all of those, it’d be heaven on Earth. Period.

+1 Nibbles

So the answer was “we will skip voting” and everyone proceeds to ask for features to try to get a vote in, eh?

Remind me to not invite you all over to my house and tell you “no shitting on the floor”, plop plop plop.

As we can see - there are many great ideas was described above.
And many of them was not included in past Feature Voting…
So please-please do another next Feature Voting round, to include new feature ideas and see what is more important for now.

You know, it’s not like our gabbling is like “YOU LAZY DEVELOPERS IMPLEMENT THIS STUFF OR HAVE A #&%!@($ GUN POINTED IN YOUR FACE!”. It’s just a discussion, and discussion is always helpful.

Speaking of the voting, I’m personally a bit disappointed, too. This would be the first voting I would participate in ;)

I guess the thing is not about what to implement at all but what to implement first. The most important features to implement were there in the last voting. So devs, it would be enough for you just to enable us to suggest what to implement first. And I’m definitely going to advertise these three:

  1. audio tracks
  2. subtick timing
  3. Rewire master/slave

I’m even thinking about starting a big campaign here on the forums just to show why we need these three implemented to have a massive gain in popularity of Renoise (massive enough to be noticed by Sonar/Cubase developers).

Yep, I know about the legal stuff. According to Propellerheads, you have to be a registered company. I don’t know whether registering one is a problem in Germany.

As for the slave difficulties the answer is simple - leave it out then. We (users) have already so many features we dream of that you won’t be left alone anyway ;)

And again, Rewire is only the third of three most important features. Audio tracks and subtick timing would cease the need for an external sequencer (thus, Rewire slave wouldn’t be needed anyway).

man, there is so many things i would love to see in the works for renoise. but i know that there is only one main person at the core that can do them.

an ya know atm there is such a large collective road map for the future,

1.8 is such a fascinating software already, we shouldnt want to add even more to Taktik’s back.

so it is rather selfish of me to mention open sound control, but it does have revelence to this thread if when mentioned with subtick timing. ;) i am a true believer of OSC (-of course) but open sound control is how subtick timing could work with renoise. an since midi is a subprotocol, all the vst stuff & external midi is safe. all that while heightening us, to allow many things such as ethernet sync of renoise’s! OSC is here and now.

/end soapbox

i understand its very hard to balance ethics with usage. succumbing to propellors heads would be a huge mistake in my eyes tho. we dont need them, we dont need corporate tyranny!

we dont need lots of rewire users coming an asking how to do this with this, so they can use renoise only for drums~!~

i dont mean this to be a personal attack on you Ambivalanche ;D, just some similar discussion, in no way does what i was saying about rewire mean i’m trying to silence you or anything. thats just my personal opinion.
i totally respect everything youve done with the XRNS-Lib, BIG UP Friend!

I’d love to see:

  • A drum grid editor like on the Roland MV-8000 v3.5 software (http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?ObjectId=572)
  • Automatic loop chopping ala pHATMATIK Pro with BPM detection and drumkit/note generation (and automatic filling of the track with the notes from the chops to rearrange as you want.)
  • Full AudioUnits support
  • Rescanning the MIDI device list while Renoise is running (for setting up MIDI-over-network sessions in OSX 10.4)

Well, ask 10 different users and they will all give you a different top3 of must-have features.
I for example, do not need an Arranger at all. When I am using samples >1 pattern-length I can memorize where it starts and imagine how it sounds. And what is for the Midi-users? When you are playing e.g. an accord >1 pattern-length and start it somewhere after you won’t hear it too. And I do not need rewire at all. I do not mean that these requested features are generally useless, just want to make it clear that there are many different positions what has to be first priority.
For me for example the most important thing is the solution of “the question of speed”-thing (=zooming patterns for higher resolution).

Whatever will be implemented the feature should support/improve the tracking/music making itself. In my point of view this means no graphical gimmicks, different views of the same process, or things third party tools have already a far better solution (e.g. sample editor).

i think there is a very well maintained harmony in the program on the whole that arises from it’s obstinate simplicity. the mixer was an awesome addition (i use it obsessively) but, it was also a bit jarring to me the first time i saw it because in a way it was a totally unexpected interruption in minimized enseble I’d come to be accustomed to in Renoise.

Ultimately I think that it is better to let ideas brew and simmer for a while. often, one finds that you can solve 2 or 3 problems with a single decision and, i think development of that sort lends itself to a more elegant product.

if Renoise was sprouting a new random feature every week, I think I’d get annoyed with it.

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Nevermind Rewire.

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