Programming Drumbreaks In Renoise

I need some help with programming drums for breakcore & d’n b likish music. How do you people program breaks? Is there a special trick or something? I really haven’t got any drum experience, so it would really be cool if you guys could help me out with programming some simple breaks. :drummer:

Thnx a lot! :)

The most easy way:
Try playing with glitch and use the effect enable/bypass commands to make the plugin jump in on the moment you want the break generated on your percussion.

  1. Get a drum break sample such as the Amen.

  2. Make sure the sample is exactly 1 bar long (loops perfectly)

  3. Use the 0900 sample offset commands to trigger individual drum hits from within the break (see the renoise demo song ‘sample offset’) enabling you to ‘chop up’ the rhythm and make your own drum patterns using the textures of the original loop

  4. Layer up your drum break with a loads of other drum samples and stuff on a separate track (or three)

  5. Send all the drum tracks to a single compressor using the SendDevice.

  6. Experiment, faff around, have fun!

Method #3: Copy individual (or multiple) hits from the break and paste into a new instrument. When you have many hits to work with, alternate on the same track to acheive some nice monophonic cutoff. Distort. Compress. Voila.

… and no, vsnares does not like you.

welcome!…8&hl=breaks breaks in renoise/kontakt…5&hl=breaks cut/tighten breaks…ic=8175&hl= samples…ic=5903&hl= rolls/fills…ic=6783&hl= crazy breaks…ic=2338&hl=

or try the searchbutton yourself :)

wow thnx dude! i’ll check it out