► Renoise 2.6 Beta Testing Starts

Awww shit man :( Thank god there is iDEAL pay method!!! When did that happen?! IT SAVED MY LIFE!!

Now, just clicked the Icon on my desktop and I was able to install some tools.

Duplex looks very promising! but I don’t own any of the controllers.
Is there a editor or something in the making? I’d love to make my own controller.

I’m curious about the use of Touch OSC as well. In the past I’ve fooled about with Pure Data translating OSC messages into MIDI, but never really made proper use of it.

So I’m not really sure where to begin… guess I gotta start learning to write some scripts. If anyone has any pointers, they would be very much appreciated.

This release is great, loads of fun. Thanks a million to the Renoise team!!

Yes it’s already there, if you own controller X that is not currently supported by Duplex, you can add support for it by yourself by starting digging into scripting.

Doesn’t matter if your controller is home made or not… only thing is if you buy a popular controller, chances are people will work on the script for you.

Guys, I may be being thick here, but how do I install tools once i’ve downloaded them? Thanks

Drag and drop them into Renoise.

But a few script won’t work because there’s a bug in Renoise that should be corrected within a day or two.

Until then, for those couple of scripts with issues, do this:

Guess this needs to be made obvious for stupid people like me hehe

Autoseek and scripting looks like really useful additions. Big thanks to the team.

Doesn’t say it where I went (the link from the tool browser in Renoise).

ZOMG! how did I not sense this earlier???

I’ve only just installed it and tried epic arpeggiator - I’m impressed. Time to learn LUA perhaps… After I have played around a bit more.

Thanks to the developers for their hard work.

Duplex and autoseek look sweet. B)

Looks like cool times ahead
Not using OSC at the moment and haven’t got the time to learn LUA right now
But from the scripts already being released seems like a very powerful system :D


Great work! :drummer:
Autoseek was a nice suprise.

Wow, I am quite impressed! DSSI support is great news for me! And the scripting does look way less restricted than I thought it would be. The Rubberband tool is an amazing example! Time to learn some Lua now I guess (shouldn’t be too hard coming from Python I guess, and might be a nice holiday reading).
Thanks a lot for this awesome release and keep up the good work! Renoise seems to be on the right way.


Had to upgrade my license, well worth it. Autoseek + … thanks!

This is fantastic - particularly autoseek! Just that feature alone is worthy of a monetary upgrade.

Scripting looks great. I went through the documentation and found it a little too technical to figure out what exactly can and can’t be done at a glance.

Just a quick question; is there the ability via ‘ReLua’ to trigger a sample from a particular offset? (more accurate than the existing sample offset?)

I don’t think there is currently a way to do what you ask, MickRip

This is great! I bought energy-xt some time agojust because renoise didn’t have autoseek or something like that before.
If renoise have had autoseek that time, i might not have bought it, even tho i have noticed later on that it has it’s advantages too.
From now on i think i won’t need much other software for music than renoise, except vst’s. :P

Scripting is great addition too. I can’t even imagine what extensions this can bring us in the future.
Great work guys, and thanks.

Yesssssss!!! Nicely timed for my 2.5 weeks off - all I’ve got to do now is re-register - honestly thought I had it since 1.8 - my how the versions are flying by! Congrats on another great release, and a big ‘hello’ to Erik! :)

Yeees … this is smooth … B)

I hope someone make a tool like AMS (Alsa Modular Synth) or like Thor (Reason) or native plugs to combine to make these things

Is it possible to create native plugs?

Nice ;)