Some news about the upcoming Renoise release

Some people here start to get nervous and wonder if we are actually working on a new release or not. Don’t worry, of course we are. Just takes a little bit longer this time.

Can’t give you any details about the final feature set here now though. We do keep the content and status of internal (and alpha) releases private for two good reasons:
first, because the best surprises are those you don’t expect (Renoise releases should be like Christmas), and second, to avoid discussions about features in progress we actually haven’t implemented yet and thus can not make any promises about yet. If we promise that release X.Y will contain feature Z, and it actually can’t be realized or we don’t want to keep it because it turned out to not be what we hoped it could be, this will only result into disappointment on the user side and a lot of stress on our side.

Only thing I can reveal here now is that it will be Renoise 3.0 and its new features probably will be a bit unexpected for many. We took the time to experiment with a few things. Revised them a lot. Thrown away large parts of it again because we haven’t been fully happy with them, and partly started from scratch.
Some of those features also required rewriting large parts of the codebase; with Renoise getting bigger and more complex internally, new features also will take longer to realize with every new release. And hey, we’re a small team too. We don’t have a big bunch of people working off feature after feature and actuall also don’t want to work this way.

So please be a little bit patient. Next news will be the official beta announcement for 3.0. Also can’t promise when exactly this will be. It’s ready when it’s ready. And it’s ready, when we are happy with it and not because some financial department says that it has to be ready. That’s a very luxury way of working but I hope also a way of working many of you can acknowledge.

So, stay tuned. In the meanwhile, enjoy Renoise 2.8 ;)

Wise words :)

Good news!!
Really appreciate it you took the time to inform us with this info.!


Great news! I assume something really big is going on!
For a while, I was afraid the development stopped, but now I’m calm again. Keep it up and inform us as soon as possible :)


thank a lot for your message,and don’t forget :

All thingd come to him who waits ;)/>

3.0 B)


Awesome!! So excited.

( my fav tennis player. winning one of his matches… obviously. I think I’ve actually seen that moment on video too, but can’t say for sure. )

Cool! :)

Wow thank you for this information !


:'D Thank you!

Hello Taktik, long time no see :)

Every release of Renoise is much better than Christmas, and much less boring :) Keep up the amazing work.

Great news! :)
Time for a new license, then.

I never was in doubt about developing that stalled or not. But in the meanwhile I also thought - hey 2.8 is pretty perfect, they can only make 2.8.00001 or so :D
Whatever is going on there in development, I can imagine the earth’s shakin’ when the first beta of 3.0 arrives haha.
Keep up the good and motivated work, would buy licenses when needed anytime.
Cheers Taktik and greetings from Limburg (The Netherlands).

I am excited. Renoise is already great in it’s current state. I support your way of development. Thanks in advance! I love the lua API by the way.

Haven’t even released something and are already getting so much positive feedback. Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Thanks for the info regarding the status of Renoise 3.0 development. Much appreciated.

Yay, this is great news :) Keep up the good work!

Yeah sweet! This is great news. Came here for the very reasonable license, stayed for the awesomeness of the updates. This will prove more and more valid in the future