Triggering Compressor With Send Track

hi there,

i’d like to do that popular dance music effect, where the levels of all tracks except the bassdrum lower as the bassdrum attacks. after playing it, those levels rise again. you can hear clearly in that “call on me”-cover by eric prydz. is it somehow possible to trigger the compressor by a different source than the channel it is applied to?


what you need is called “sidechaining”, which is something that has to be supported by your VST host in order to function, which is not the case for renoise.
however, there is a plugin (sidekick vst) with which you can work-around that circumstance.
some people reported that with renoise, sidekick might stop to work after loading a saved project.
i used it several times without any problems whatsoever.
here’s the link. good luck :)

yo, hannes!

check sidekickv3 discussion here
another thread about sidecahining here
or here
and that one (with some examples)
sth. about plugs here

hi there again

thanks for your fast reply! that ‘ducking’ is what i meant. works fine, but i have those saving problems reported here. but at least now i know in what direction i have to search! ;)