Move the cursor instead of scrolling the pattern


Hi devs,

I would love to have the option of a different way editing and scrolling is done.

At the moment, the cursor is always in the middle of the screen. When you move up or down, the whole pattern is scrolling up or down. This may be good when dealing with large patterns - but 64 lines do fit perfectly fine on my screen even with big font size, is is unnecessary to scroll at all.

It would be really a convenience if I could lock the screen, and just move the cursor around. Would be way easier on the eyes, the moving parts only be the song position and cursor, you would have always the whole pattern in view.

Pleeeaase :smiley:

(joule) #2

Yeah, I always wanted this (like in milkytracker). Unfortunately, the non-scrolling option also separates the edit and playback line.


To me, that wouldn’t be a problem but a feature :smile:

But you could have two edit modes: A “musician mode” where new notes are inserted at the song position during record+play, and a “programmers mode” where notes are inserted at the edit position.

You can even combine both, MIDI input goes to song position and keyboard input to edit position.

(Manuel Montoto) #4

YES, please. This has been my number one source of frustration with Renoise since forever. I can’t stand my patterns moving all the time, for whatever reason it may be. I wrote years ago about this topic to the developers but I think it was not the right time for that.

Please, this is not a difficult feature to implement at all and would make happy some people. I come from a Scream Tracker / Impulse Tracker / zTracker background and the way I work and think on my patterns is massively disturbed by the fact that everything changes position all the time.

(Manuel Montoto) #5

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