Move the cursor instead of scrolling the pattern

Hi devs,

I would love to have the option of a different way editing and scrolling is done.

At the moment, the cursor is always in the middle of the screen. When you move up or down, the whole pattern is scrolling up or down. This may be good when dealing with large patterns - but 64 lines do fit perfectly fine on my screen even with big font size, is is unnecessary to scroll at all.

It would be really a convenience if I could lock the screen, and just move the cursor around. Would be way easier on the eyes, the moving parts only be the song position and cursor, you would have always the whole pattern in view.

Pleeeaase :smiley:


Yeah, I always wanted this (like in milkytracker). Unfortunately, the non-scrolling option also separates the edit and playback line.

To me, that wouldn’t be a problem but a feature :smile:

But you could have two edit modes: A “musician mode” where new notes are inserted at the song position during record+play, and a “programmers mode” where notes are inserted at the edit position.

You can even combine both, MIDI input goes to song position and keyboard input to edit position.

YES, please. This has been my number one source of frustration with Renoise since forever. I can’t stand my patterns moving all the time, for whatever reason it may be. I wrote years ago about this topic to the developers but I think it was not the right time for that.

Please, this is not a difficult feature to implement at all and would make happy some people. I come from a Scream Tracker / Impulse Tracker / zTracker background and the way I work and think on my patterns is massively disturbed by the fact that everything changes position all the time.

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Conclusion: a lot of people want it for many years. So come on devs, it can’t be THAT hard to do.

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I may offer to implement this feature myself if the developers don’t have time for it and we can find a way to do it. I have experience writing trackers.

This is a serious offer. Please, accept a little of help from the community :slight_smile: We love your software.


In my opinion one of the reasons why noobs have trouble with Renoise in the beginning and drop it quickly to go back to Ableton or whatever. Everything they know from general data entry works a bit different in Renoise. I would also suggest that Step Edit is set to 0 in the Demo combined with this feature. If you first open up Renoise, there is no way to know that you have to set Step Edit to 0 in order to correct notes without having to constantly go back to the line, which is confusing and then the constantly moving background is giving you a bit of motion sickness as well… it’s all a bit much and leads to quick frustration.

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Agreed, this is what initially made me quit using it when I purchased it in 2017. Only after Reason began running like a slow turtle did I give Renoise a second chance, and then I just “got used to it”. That being said, I would prefer being able to navigate without the screen shifting up and down. It slows me down just a little. Not going to quit Renoise because of this, but it would help my aging eyes.

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Have you thought of anything yet?

By “we can find a way to do it” I meant a way to allow me to work on the codebase and contribute the code as well as the usual NDA stuff. To actually think about an implementation of this feature I first need to know how the current code works :slight_smile:

My offer still stands. Please, if someone from the Renoise team is reading this, I meant what I said, if you need a hand with this feature just think about allowing me to help you a bit.

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Ok. Never say never I suppose with @taktik. Good luck :slight_smile:

I would prefer 60fps pixelwise scrolling, so it feels like blitted.

I could imagine that would be even more distracting :grinning:

Maybe both ideas are good :slight_smile:

the more options the better in my opinion :slight_smile:

Do Renoise developers check the forum from time to time?

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necrobump, but can we still get this as an option please?

still think that Renoise would get lot more users if it worked like every general dataentry app in the standard configuration. Meaning Step Edit is set to 0 and the curser moves instead of the whole screen.
If you never used a tracker, it’s like upside-down land and quiet frustrating.

Most importantly I find it disorienting when editing patterns and clicking around to change certain notes/fx changes the whole view of the pattern.


Hm, maybe I don’t get it, but there has been always an option to NOT follow pattern position in the top left bar, that one icon…? I agree though that it should auto-switch to current played pattern, so the current play position does not disappear after a new pattern in reached. So you could actually watch it like a linear, complete song.

@ffx This .GIF file shows what is bothering me (and probably most of us in/on this particular topic)


The entire ‘window’ with the scrollbar moves up/down. Why can’t the window just stay in place, and only the cursor move up and down? It’s a large movement within the window; while one can ‘get used to it’, this motion is jarring. Why the cursor either doesn’t just ‘stop’ at the bottom, or only the cursor moves and not the entire window is the topic (for me). As far as I know, there is no on/off button to stop this.

So, the cursor moves and also the entire window. Not the cursor alone.