Breakcore Beats Help!

how can i go about doing this? i am new here but i want to add loads of breakcore beats like mr.funk does in his songs whats the best way to go about doing this get some loops and slice them? or just try programming every single drum beat and add effects? oh yeah is there a lift somewhere on here with everysingle effect command? cheers im a noob to renoise lol sorry

learn the search button… sorry :)

here you go:

a) use amen included in renoise instruments
B) set correct bpm - i like 170 speed 6
c) use 09XX command
d) bang your head and grin

speed 3 dude

no no no… you’re all wrong… bpm:800 speed:1 :badteethslayer:

… oh, and a time signature of 91/127

yeah - i dont really understand the speed/bpm ratio thing - couldn’t find anything in the manual - anyone care to enlighten me - as far as i have found things play at the right bpm at speed 6 but after that i’m clueless

I thought that breakcore was different from other musics because it has no rules… :(
… i see that yes now breakcore has a precise format, that s sad… the real unic free movment came into a box now.

no music has any rules as such, but there are always specific things that define genres - eg. distorted guitar in metal, 4x4 beats in house, amen abuse in breakcore etc - but there are always exceptions to any rule -
and you can break all of them.

Johnny Cash was so breakcore.

Get breaks, cut them up. Speed them up. Do your thing. Screw up a bunch of times because thats the only way you’ll get better.

And don’t try to be like Venetian Snares. Find your own thing.

One of these days I’m gonna make a 3/4 house track like Vienna’s Waltz only to piss people off.

Wait wha- ?

Step 1. Get an (H)amenbraek
Step 2. Make Chopsuy (misspelling done on purpose of course) out of it
Step 3. Get an evil Gabbabasedrum
Step 4. Apply your chopped amen and the gabbadrum to a drumkit
Step 5. Set Speed an BPM to insane headache
Step 6. Apply a distortion unit to your drumtrack
Step 7. Enter editmode
Step 8. Let your cat or your dog run over your qwertz(y) keyboard. Alternatively, plugin a midikeyboard and let your mother sit down on it.

Et voilá, you got your very own individual braekk0r3 drumtrack even without using sample offset cmd or something else°!

or just let your mom or dog/cat compile the whole song for you

Looking at the topic, I agree! Breakcore beats DO help! :D

Never break the core.

load a break, slice each hit, add distortion.

you need a flux capacitor and then hit 88 miles an hour - oh hang on wait - thats not breakcore…

Great scott!

LOL ­@ ptrance’s step 8.

interesting how many people are interested in renoise just because aaron uses it ;)

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